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  • New Electrical and Computer Engineering Department building
    • Room B3.21 (Lab Office)
    • Room “Technooikonomika Systimata” (Administration Office)
  • Central Computer Building (also called “PC lab Building”)
    • Rooms 2.09-2.15 (Lab Offices)


Meeting Places

There are two building with meeting rooms that we might use:

  • Meeting Rooms in New Electrical and Computer Engineering Department building
  • Meeting Rooms in the Central Library


Getting here

Our labs and meeting places are located in the campus. You can find more information here:

Once you get into the campus everything is in walking distance. Here are some details on how to get into the campus by various transportation means. Taxi is certainly preferable.

By public transportation

If you use the metro get off at the Katechaki station (

Then as you come up the stairs of the station you find yourselves on the crossroads of two big avenues, Katechaki ave. and Messogeion ave.

You cross Katechaki (you know because it is the less wide one, Messogeion is wider with a bigger middle island) on the traffic light to reach the bus stop next to the kiosk. There you take the 242 ( or 140 ( bus and get off on the first stop after it leaves Katechaki to turn right. This stop is just outside the NTUA campus, but service is not so frequent. You still have to walk about 7 to 8 min to reach the any of the abovementioned buildings.

Note: Bus 242 enters the campus so you can actually leave it at the first stop when in NTUA Campus rather to the stop outside the campus.

You can use the same ticket for the Subway and the bus within urban zones for 90′ after the ticket’s validation. However, make sure to check for the latest information about tickets here:

Note2: If you are coming straight from the airport, you can get the suburban railway which connects to the subway network. Some trains continue to the subway rail whereas others will require you to change but it should be straightforward. Here’s the train’s routes map: . The ticket costs around 8€.

By taxi

For those who use a taxi you must know that NTUA is known as ‘Polytechnion” and the campus as “Polytechnioupolis Zografou” and this is how you should tell the taxi driver or ask for directions. However be careful to mention Zografou i.e the Athens quarter where the campus is, since most people know the classic NTUA site in the very centre of Athens miles away, while the new campus is outside the main centre and near the foot of the Hymettus mountain which is quite visible on the skyline.  Also near is the University campus which some taxi drivers may confuse with NTUA so make sure you mention off Katechaki (pronounsed kateHaki with strong H).

So you can tell the taxi driver: “Polytechnioupolis Zographou near Katechaki ave”.