BonFIRE: Building service testbeds on FIRE

BonFIRE: Building service testbeds on FIRE

BonFIRE will design, build and operate a multi-site Cloud prototype FIRE facility to support research across applications, services and systems at all stages of the R&D lifecycle, targeting the services research community on Future Internet.

The BonFIRE vision is to give researchers in these areas access to a facility that supports large scale multi-disciplinary experimentation of their systems and applications addressing all aspects of research across all layers.

We will develop and support a framework which allows service-based computing practitioners to experiment with their latest ideas in service orientation and distributed computing.

We have elaborated 3 usage scenarios. Our overall goal is to encourage new communities of experimenters to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the FIRE infrastructure to guide the development of the Future Internet from a service-based applications standpoint.

The facility will be demand-driven, open, standards-based and dynamic. It will provide additional functionality to that currently available. It will adopt the principle of “open coordinated federation of testbeds” and will provide innovative usage scenarios.We will stimulate research through 2 open calls to establish a methodology of experimentally driven research.

The facility shall be open not only to the researchers selected and funded by BonFIRE through the open calls but also to a wider researcher community in order to encourage the usage and involvement of a significant number of end users.We have set the ambitious target of having an initial framework in operation by month 9. This will be followed by periodic updates which will enhance the functionality of BonFIRE in response to user requirements.

We aim to make the testbed sustainable after the end of the project by studying possible associated business models and by balancing the short- and long-term interests of all interested parties (users, owners, policy makers etc) in business decision-making.