Reminder to participate in survey – Developing solutions with Open Platforms

Reminder to participate in survey – Developing solutions with Open Platforms

This is a friendly reminder to participate in our survey Developing solutions with Open Platforms.

Your feedback is important driver of the uptake of open platforms in AHA and AAL domains and as such will help us understand from a developer perspective the functionalities, operability, and other aspects of the platforms. The target group are organizations providing AAL apps, who built their app based on a platform.

If you would prefer to share this information with an informal discussion (albeit virtually) with us, we will be more than glad to organize the teleconference with you. In such case we have prepared for you few questions as a guideline of the discussion that will be no longer than 10 minutes. These questions can be found below:

– Please describe the solution you are offering. How many solutions do you offer? What is the number of active end-users?
– Which platform do you use and is it open?
– How easy was it to use and integrate the platform to create the final solution? Are there any specific pros and cons you would like to mention? (like documentation, support, configuration)
– What were the phases/steps of the solution development? How did your business model evolve? Were there any barriers/problems to overcome, any failures?

As a token of our gratitude, we would like to offer you the possibility to showcase for free your solution, service or technology for active and healthy ageing in the Applications directory which will be launched soon on the Open Information Hub.

We are looking forward to your positive answer.